Three-Room Suite

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Why a Three-Room Suite at Class Park?

Your Family Happiness
If you are a planning-oriented person and your happiness is to provide the best to your loved ones, here we have the Recipe of happiness = large family + house of yopur dreams+unlimited spaces for play and relaxation at your house! Here you have a larger space, in which each member can carry out activities that they like and, at the same time, the whole family can have unforgettable moments.

Your little ones need a space of their own, that can help them understand what responsibility and care is, by relating to something that belongs to them. Intimacy is also a very important aspect that should not be neglected, and the little ones will learn as early as possible what it means to have respect for their personal space and make the most of their time to play or learn new things.

The reasons for moving to a three-room apartment in Targoviște are imporftant for decision making. Class Park helps you make the right decision for you and is available to present you with all types of compartmentalization and our spacious balconies featuring views that delight your soul.

  • Premium finishes
  • Guaranteed community
  • Video surveillance
  • 24/7 security services
  • Maintenance ensured
  • Multiple types of financing
apartamente 3 camere în Târgoviște

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