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The Class Park residential compound includes buildings and numerous green areas and it is a community with secure access. You are happy here because we provide durable and sustainable, spacious and next generation housing. All the apartments are the best confort, and the compartments are designed so that you can decorate the rooms exactly as you wish. Class Park helps you have a welcoming place of your own where you and your family can feel right at Home.

The studios built by Class Park are in high demand with those who want a new start or even by real estate investors from Târgoviște. If you are looking for a home with benefits or as an investment to rent, here is the ideal place. Freedom and independence are precious, and the future sounds good!

Depending on the type of compartmentalization you choose, in a two-room apartment in Târgoviște you can spend time with your family or find the intimacy you are looking for, because you have enough space to do both. Here you get more, you can enjoy the view.

Spread over a generous area, in a 3-room apartment in Târgoviște there is enough space for everyone. You will be able to relax with your loved ones, and if you like music and games, you will be able to turn the sound up because rooms are soundproofed.

Class Park life is a promotor green life, live happily in open spaces and offer the best for the loved ones. Moreover, perhaps you have a pet. When it needs to go out, you can convince it to go out on the terrace.

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