Avantaje – Class Park Targoviste

Advantages Class Park

Relaxation in Class Park Green Garden: Large green spaces perfect for jogging, ping-pong, or just for a walk. Class Park offers a wide range of modern building materials, where you can personalize your home as you wish. Through events, the community is happy to get to know each other and reunite. Among the events organized, you can find 1st of June, Christmas and Harvest Day;

  • Modern materials
  • Individual metering
  • Safety of your family
  • Home design

Class Park offers unique facilities for your comfort. The parks are right in front of your building, as well as the Class Park bus station. Besides all these, you will also get a personalized parking space once you buy the apartment!

  • Small maintenance
  • Personal parking space
  • Dynamic community

Class Park ensures the harmonious blending of buildings and green spaces. Everything is new and has a modern concept. The complex has 24/24 security  

  • Spacious flats
  • Small maintenance
  • Independence
  • Security
  • Peacefulness
  • Relaxation