Life in Class Park.

Life as a fairy tale. 10 condominiums buildings already constructed and occupied. And counting…

Join the 350 families who are already living their fairy tale lifestyle in Class Park condominiums.

apartamente 3 camere

Safe and friendly community of over 450 condominiums

4 Parcuri pentru  copii și familie

Parks for children and

spatii verzi

Landscaped Open Green Areas

zone de sport

Sports Zone – Bicycle Zone


Socializing events for community and families

24/7 Pază și siguranta​

Safety and security

2 Hipermarket-uri ​
Shopping in the area
Calitate la standarde înalte și garanție​
High-quality standards and guarantee

Class Park

The Class Park Residence story started 12 years ago and it is made soul dedicated for a better lifestyle. The hole concept is thought as from our Family to future resident Families and that led foundations of to a great community with people who share the same desire: to feel happy at Home. During all this time, we have been adapting to the requirements, we have constantly improved and proudly always risen to the level of expectations of our clients, by means of the quality of the services offered.
There are already more than 350 condominiums purchased by happy families and investors, this is the place were a dream of a family can come true. The happiness and smile on people’s faces motivates us to continue to grow this large community that we have been building so far. The Class Park neighborhood will be made up of 15 buildings, villas and/or houses where more than 450 happy and fulfilled families will live! With Class Park you are not buying a simple appartment, but the happiness of your whole family!

Class Park Community

The happy community is very important for the environment where your family lives, as you wish the best for you and loved ones. We consider that every person wants to turn their life into a beautiful story that will define them, and here we come and add another chapter to this story at Class Park.

Each time we design a project, we think about the expectations of our clients and act so as to make them happy with the choice they have made. Here you can enjoy peace and good health, a place to savor the choice made for a comfortable life.

ansamblul rezidențial

Excellent location

The Class Park Residential Compound is located 5 min from the center of city, near market and has its own parks, playgrounds and sports parks.

complexul rezidențial

Open community

Class Park opens its gates and doors to anyone who wishes to become part of ia beautiful community.

apartamente targoviste

One big family

Together with your loved ones you will feel accepted and integrated into the Class Park family, by means of the organized socializing events.


A sustainable project

All the time by your side to find the best solution

We know that the decision to get your own home is a very important one, perhaps a decision for life, that is why we are open and ready to give you the best advice.

And we also know that more meetings are needed to make a purchase. That is why our patience has no limits when it comes to help you with tome and advices to find you the place where your family will enjoy the whole life. We are here to answer your questions and we want to make sure that you make an informed decision for your life and future.

Over 30% green areas and parks in the compound

We rely so much on nature to provide us with all the fresh air, tranquility and relaxation we need for a healthy life that we have made it a habit to care for it. The green areas inside the Class Park compound are always clean and tidy. The sensation of freshness is everywhere, and the fact that nature and the city-life can coexist transforms our compound into an excellent location.

High-quality, solid construction,
warranty provided

You can sleep peacefully at night as you are in the safest place because all buildings are designed at high standards so as to withstand earthquakes. We started digging and put the first brick once we were sure that we had chosen the best building materials. A strong team of architects, designers, over 5 execution engineers all with extensive experience in the field, make dreams come true. Buildings have a solid foundation and are made to last in time, because the most important thing in a house, besides its comfort and safety, is the future. Ensuring the safety of construction is the key to the joy of life.

Family security comes first

Access to the Class Park compound is secured by a security guard station. For the safety of your family and the entire community, we use modern video surveillance systems that work permanently, to make you feel secure, enjoying all the comfort you deserve. The playgrounds are right in the middle of the buildings area, so the little ones are safe, no need to stay near because can be watched directly from the balcony of your house.

Personal property parking for your car

Having your own parking lot, knowing that you will not have to search for a free one daily adds to your calm and tranquility at home. We know how important this comfort is, therefore, in order to provide your car total safety, there are video cameras set up throughout the compound.

Each condominium has its own parking space, and in the Class Park complex there is an area specifically designed for visitors. Friends and close relatives will be able to visit you at any time, without having to worry about the parking of their car.

The largest new housing complex in the town of Targoviste

The Class Park residential compound is the biggest and newest in Targoviște, a community where over 450 families will live. We are in close touch with everything related to the building and construction field and we keep up with the great real estate developers in Europe. We promote a lifestyle adapted to the habits of modern people and we are motivated to make your life easier together with your loved ones and to help you write your success story at Class Park. We are constantly adapting to the demands of our clients so that they know their voice is always heard. Thus, we are building the future together.
Live a new life




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Sales Consultant

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Sales Consultant

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Sales Consultant

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